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Delivery on UberEats (2/5/2018)
We are doing delivery now!! Download UberEats apps on you phone or visit to see if we are available in your area (We are only accepting order through UberEats).
Lobster in Cantonese Style (12/23/2017)
1.5 lb. up live lobster. Supply until last.
Steamed Whole Seabass (11/9/2017)
1.5 lb. up fresh Seabass. Supply until last.
Salt & Pepper Soft Shell Crab (10/8/2017)
We are opening now (9/13/2017)
Sorry for the late come back. Glad to say "We are opening now"! We hope you will enjoy the new dining experience. Thank you for patient and support!
Restaurant close for Remodeling (6/26/2017)

Our restaurant will be temporary closed for remodeling and reopen soon.

We apologize for the inconvience and thank you for your business!

Jia Jian Mein

Szechuan Style noodle (Minced Pork, Onion, Scallion, Fungus, Bamboo Shot, Pea & Carrot, Spicy)



Black Pepper Steak

Prime Ribeye Steak Kew stir-fried with Green Pepper & Onion in Black Pepper Oyster Sauce



Dim Sum

Steamed Shrimp Dumpling, Pork Dumpling and Shrimp Shumai



Orange Salmon

Fresh Atlantic Salmon with Pineapple in Sweet Orange Sauce garnish with Steamed Broccoli



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